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consciously-responsive support

Breaking Barriers.

Strengthening Families.

Building Generations.


Provide culturally responsive support to increase protective factors and reduce barriers towards generational success for underrepresented communities.

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Although we are relatively new as an organized body (December, 2020), we have engaged in community outreach and organizing for over twelve years. Similar to many black owned and serving agencies, we were so focused on doing the grass-root work, that we prolonged establishing the foundation required for funding and sustainability. However, here we are still standing and proud of our committed volunteers and partners that recognize the importance in working together to make a meaningful difference in our communities!


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Our Initiatives
OUR initiatives


workforce development

mental health

youth support

  • Coalition Building

  • Training & Development

  • Violence Prevention

  • On-the-Job Training

  • Career Readiness

  • Internships

  • Prevention Education

  • Resources

  • Community-based Support

  • Community-based Programs

  • Academic Enrichment

  • Peer Leadership

Youth Conference

make an impactful difference

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