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Legacies Empowered, Inc. provides culturally-responsive support to increase protective factors and reduce barriers towards generational success. Through a collaborative approach we leverage data and existing resources to address community needs with meaningful resources for underrepresented populations.

Our Goals


Mental Health

​Increase opportunities for culturally competent services that reflect recipients


​Create safe spaces for courageous conversations


Equip, inform, and prepare for impact through training, organizing, and engagement


Decrease stigma related to mental and behavioral health

Our framework



Participants have the necessary resources, skills and competencies to achieve desired outcomes.

Participants perceive and have the ability to employ their assets and aspirations to make or influence their own decisions about their lives and set their own goals, as well as to act upon those decisions in order to achieve desired outcomes.


Participants are engaged as a source of change for their own and for their communities’ positive development.

enabling environment

Participants are surrounded by an environment that develops, supports, and strengthens their ability to avoid risks and to stay safe, secure, and be protected and live without fear of violence or retribution. 

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